Kris Dunn compares himself to John Wall


If Kris Dunn plays anything like John Wall the Minnesota Timberwolves might as well book hotel reservations for the playoffs, because they're going to be darn good.

Dunn, speaking at Timberwolves media day Monday, said a lot of people tell him that his game is similar to the Washington Wizards All-Star guard.

"He's 6'4'', long arms, fast," Dunn said of his similarities with Wall. "When he was coming into the NBA people didn't think he could shoot the ball. Throughout his years he improved. He's solidified himself as a good defender."

"I'm not saying I'm John Wall now," Dunn added with a laugh, "I'm just saying that's the easiest comparison."

Wall is one of the best point guards in the NBA and he's still only 26 years old entering his seventh year in the league. He produced career highs in points (19.1), assists (10.2), rebounds (4.9) and 3-point shooting percentage (35.1 percent) last season.

Minnesota drafted Dunn fifth overall. There's no word from the Wolves what kind of role Dunn will have in the offense. Ricky Rubio is still on the team and projected as the opening day starting point guard.

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