Kris Dunn says he's healthy, ready for whatever role with Wolves


Kris Dunn is feeling better after a concussion that cut his playing time in the Las Vegas Summer League short.

The Wolves' first-round draft pick, who averaged 24 points in two games before being sidelined, tells the Star Tribune's Michael Rand that he's "definitely back."

"I feel great. I'm back on the court. I'm just working to get better for training camp," said Dunn Thursday.

While saying he's healthy, the No. 5 overall pick in the June NBA Draft wasn't too worried about what his role would be this season.

With Ricky Rubio as the incumbent starter at point guard and Zach LaVine and Andrew Wiggins figuring to get significant minutes at the wing spots, Dunn may be looking to come off the bench.

But that doesn't mean his teammates aren't expecting big things from him when he's on the floor.

Wiggins told Sports Illustrated earlier this week that there's no quit in Dunn's game.

"He looked great. He's aggressive, he's like a dog. He never backs down from nobody. Even when his shot wasn't falling he was going to the basket. He's aggressive and he gets after it defensively, too."

Wiggins added that he thinks Dunn will bring a little more athleticism and quickness to the Wolves point guard spot when he's out there.

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