Kris Humphries used to crush Michael Phelps in swimming

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Michael Phelps probably still has nightmares about losing to Kris Humphries in swimming as a kid.

Humphries, the former Hopkins and Gophers star who is entering his 13th year in the NBA, was a better 10-year-old swimmer than Olympic heroes Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte.

The Atlanta Hawks profiled Humphries' swimming prowess by showing his dominance in 1995, when he beat Phelps in a 50-meter fly, 50-meter free and 100-meter free. He also beat Ryan Lochte.

Humphries had the fastest times in the country for his age group in 1995 in six different categories and some of his records stood for 18 years. And he still owns 12 records in Minnesota.

The photo below is the face of the one of the fiercest 10-year-old athletes of all time.

For the record, Humphries is still giving back in Minnesota. Last month he held a basketball clinic at a YMCA in Minneapolis.

He also had the entire 2016 Gophers men's basketball team at his house for dinner.

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