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Kyle Rudolph sends message to bandwagon Vikings fans

Rudolph used about 60 of his 140 characters on Twitter to send a message to bandwagon jumpers.

Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph has a message for fans hitting the panic button after Sunday's ugly loss to the Eagles.

"Don't hurt yourself jumping off the wagon!," Rudolph tweeted, while adding, "All we need is our 53."

The 53 he's referring to is the number of players on the roster.

If the playoffs started today the Vikings would be the 2-seed and have a first-round bye. Dallas is also 5-1 but has position as the 1-seed because they have a better conference record than Minnesota.

Minnesota can do itself a favor by knocking off division foes Chicago and Detroit the next two weeks. Winning the NFC North doesn't look all that easy now that Green Bay is 4-2 and the Lions are 4-3.

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