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Did LA Clippers tweet make fun of Jimmy Butler's injury?


Moments after Timberwolves All-Star Jimmy Butler went down with an apparent knee injury Friday night against the Rockets, the official Twitter account of the Los Angeles Clippers tweeted a GIF of guard Lou Williams nodding his head next to a smirking emoji. 

The question is: Was it aimed at the Wolves and Butler, or was it more to do with something Williams did in Friday night's game against the Suns? If it's the latter, it's spectacularly bad timing. 


– Jimmy Butler goes down with with apparent leg injury.

In case the Clippers delete the tweet, we've captured it in the screen shot above (they have since deleted the tweet.) 

Here's why plenty of people think it was a cheap shot on Butler. 

Williams, thought by many to have been an All-Star snub, wasn't pleased with Butler after Butler elected to sit out the entire All-Star Game to rest. 

Making things even more intriguing is that Butler told ESPN before Friday's game that he'll play Williams one-on-one for $100,000 if Williams is so upset about not getting in the All-Star Game. 

We'll update the story as it develops. 

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