LAPD confirms Derrick Rose is being investigated for criminal rape


As he returns to work with the New York Knicks, NBA standout Derrick Rose is facing a serious legal situation and media storm.

Rose and two others are at the center of a $21 million rape lawsuit, and on Monday it's coming to light Rose is the subject of an active criminal rape investigation.

According to the lawsuit, Rose and two others are accused of breaking into an unidentified woman's home and raping her about three years ago, the New York Daily News says. Unless there is an out-of-court settlement, Rose will head to court Oct. 4 to face his accuser, known only as "Jane Doe."

A letter from an LAPD detective obtained by The White Bronco cleared up any "misconception" that Rose isn't the center of an investigation.

Rose's lawyers say "this is not a rape case" and the unidentified woman is seeking "simple extortion" of a celebrity, according to Fox News.

Knicks President Phil Jackson is side-stepping discussion of the rape accusations.

"Derrick has expressed that he’s not concerned with it," Jackson said Friday, according to the New York Daily News. "I mean, he’s quite aware of it. It’s not keeping him up at night. So we’re going with that, OK?"

The Knicks open camp, as do most of the NBA teams, Monday.

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