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Learn Spanish with Ricky Rubio: A regretful Ricky


Even the most cheery, warm-hearted of us have our humbling moments, instances of regret, and events of bad fortune.

The Wolves trip to Mexico City, while they did accomplish plenty of positive activities while south of the border, featured plenty of those three things, which filled player and management minds with gloom heading back home.

It bothered our beloved Ricky Rubio so much, that he also felt the need to express his feelings to his 1,354,337 Twitter followers.

While many of those followers probably didn't know what that meant, let there be light...

TRANSLATION: In Minnesota. A shame not to have played in Mexico. Sorry to all the fans that traveled to see us.

We don't blame you Ricky, surely if you had known about this you could've used your superpowers of boyish good looks and overall adoreability to quash the malfunctioning generator before it put a damper on an otherwise-productive trip.

Alas, things did not work out in Rubio's favor this time, but surely the Spaniard will be back to dish out behind-the-back passes and teach us more Spanish next week.

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