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Learn Spanish with Ricky Rubio: A trip to Mexico


We're back with you again for our Tuesday tradition of learning Spanish with Ricky Rubio.

In last week's installment, Rubio wished Valencia point guard Pablo Aguilar well in recovering from a micro-fracture injury, and this week, Rubio takes his show on the road.

TRANSLATION: "On the way to Mexico. Eager to play there. Let's go Wolves."

Rubio tweeted this Monday at 11 a.m., and Minnesota arrived just a few hours later in Mexico City for the Wednesday game against San Antonio, part of the NBA's Global Games series.

They arrived to much thrill and acclaim.

OK, there wasn't that much thrill and acclaim, but at least Ricky is excited about it.

The game will be the Wolves' third outside the U.S., as they competed twice in Japan in the 1999-2000 season against Sacramento.

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