Learn Spanish with Ricky Rubio: Cuddle with Ricky


It is with great enthusiasm we bring you back to our season-long spectacular of learning Spanish with Wolves guard Ricky Rubio.

Usually we do this on Tuesdays, but Rubio was too busy preparing to do this to almost-Wolf-but-still-with-Portland forward Nicolas Batum.

So while Rubio was doing Rubio things, we were reminiscing about the past times we've learned Spanish with Rubio, which have included how to sympathize and how to show regret. Needless to say, we got lost in Rubio's smile and never got around to posting this update earlier this week.

Rubio is known for his giving on the court, and he continues to give on his bi-lingual Twitter account as well, today helping us become more cultured with another lesson in the beautiful language of Spanish.

TRANSLATION: A nice gift idea for my fans: personalized products with my signature. Check them out in My Star Autograph shop.

Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion once in a while since Rubio is normally so generous to others.

If you click into the link, among the items the autograph website features is a pillow with a full upper-body shot of Rubio holding a basketball.

So to recap, you can watch Ricky on TV, read about Ricky on his Twitter account, and now lay your weary head down on Ricky when you go to sleep.

For some reason, we still think it's not enough Ricky. If there is ever a Ricky in your dreams app, we'll be the first to let you know.

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