Learn Spanish with Ricky Rubio: How to sympathize


In the season debut of Learn Spanish with Ricky Rubio, we had one of the more cute Twitter moments between Ricky and his friend Sergio Llull of Real Madrid.

On that day, we learned how to be cute with Rubio, though no one can really match the adorable nature of the Timberwolves point guard.

Today, Ricky shows us he is not only adorable, but sympathetic as well. Is there any positive quality he doesn't have?

TRANSLATION: "In the end, I have a micro break, will be about three weeks...Thank you for your support! Really!" Animo!

The original tweet is from Pablo Aguilar, a power forward for Valencia of the ACB Euroleague. As we detailed last time we were learning Spanish with Ricky, the Timberwolves master-distributor played in that league with FC Barcelona for three years before joining Minnesota.

Rubio responds to Aguilar's tweet that he has a micro-fracture and will be out about three weeks, with the simple phrase "animo."

Animo is used as a word of encouragement, and translates literally to mean spirit or soul.

Ricky, always thinking of others on and off the court, the sentiment warms our hearts and inspires us to do the same.

Ricky, the Wolves fell to .500 last night. Animo.

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