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Learn Spanish with Ricky Rubio: Sergio the great


Ahh yes, as we trudge along through the dogged days of winter, there is not much we can rely on from day-to-day.

Will you need an extra pair of socks? Will your kids have to go to school? Will you have to call a babysitter? Will your car even start so you can go to work and if it doesn't then you won't need the babysitter so you'll need to call them and cancel so you won't pay them just for coming over.

Our lives as Minnesotans.

Alas, there is one thing we can count on, and that is our adorable little point guard bringing us the weekly word from the language of love.

Spanish is the language of love, right?

TRANSLATION: Sergio Rodriguez's show. Basketball at its best. That beauty. #CopaACB

Ricky comes to us today discussing a fellow Spanish national team member, Sergio Rodriguez, point guard for Real Madrid of Spain's top basketball division, the ACB league.

If you haven't already figured this out, Ricky is popular, as this makes the fourth friend we've documented Ricky interacting with from Spain this year.

Ricky's tweet is in reference to the Copa Del Rey Baloncesto (simply translated means King's Cup of Basketball), of which Madrid was locked in a championship game battle for the crown with FC Barcelona, Rubio's former Spanish team.

Ricky is commending Rodriguez for the show he put on in the final, which included the assist on Madrid's game-winning bucket from one of Rubio's other buddies, Sergio Llull.

Here's the play.

The basket gave Madrid the 77-76 win and Copa Del Rey title, Llull calling the shot "one I'll remember my whole life."

Oh Ricky, your admiration for others, even while they play against your former team which you hold near and dear to your heart, is something we can all learn from. To be able to set aside love for team while maintaining love for country makes us love you more and more by the day.

Your persistent sparkling nature even has talked us out of bringing up your 2-10 performance from the field against Houston last night. We adore you.

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