Learn Spanish with Ricky Rubio: The little things in life


In a Tuesday-turned-Friday feature, welcome back to our progression through the Spanish language with Wolves star point guard Ricky Rubio.

We're not sure where Ricky has taught us more, on the court with his flashy passing, or off the court with his mastery of multiple cultures.

Certainly in this weekly session, it has been the latter, and with all the time off the Wolves had over the holiday, Ricky had some time to do some exploring and show us a thing or two about the outdoors.

TRANSLATION: A stiiiick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This one was easy for us, but the boyish enthusiasm and happy demeanor Rubio shows at even the smallest of things, such as coming across a stick on Christmas, brings a smile to our faces.

Oh Ricky, you're so puppy-doggy, and we love you for it.

By the way, that picture got 11,000 likes on Instagram. Feel small, very, very small.

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