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LeBron on Wiggins: 'I don't see myself in him'

A reporter asked LeBron if he sees any of himself in Andrew Wiggins' game.

After Andrew Wiggins torched the Cavaliers for 41 points in a Wolves loss Tuesday night, LeBron James was asked if he sees a young version of himself in Wiggins.

Nope. No he doesn't. Not even close.

"I don't see myself in him," LeBron bluntly answered after the game, while adding that Wiggins "has a very high ceiling."

At least he was kind of nice about it.

But let's get real, LeBron is one of the all-time NBA greats and Wiggins is still a 21-year-old finding his way.

Wiggins and LeBron will be forever linked through the trade that brought Wiggins to Minnesota and sent Kevin Love to Cleveland.

LeBron didn't mention Wiggins in the letter he wrote announcing his return to Cleveland even though the Cavs had just acquired Wiggins with the No. 1 pick in the 2014 draft. He later explained that he didn't mention Wiggins because he "didn't know the kid."

A short time later Wiggins was traded to Minnesota and he's held a grudge against the Cavs ever since.

"It's always competitive playing them," Wiggins said Tuesday night. "I feel like it brings out the best in everybody."

"We'll get them eventually," Wiggins added.

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