Life advice Muhammad Ali gave to a St. Cloud baseball player

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Malcolm Grady is a 19-year-old pitcher from Homewood, Illinois, and he's spending his summer in St. Cloud, Minnesota, pitching in the Northwoods League with the St. Cloud Rox. He was also drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies last year.

The Rox had just started their season last week when Grady found out that his cousin, Muhammad Ali, was dead.

Grady left the Rox to attend a visitation for Ali on Thursday, and Ali's funeral Friday.

Grady's father, John Grady, was one of the pallbearers at Ali's funeral, according to the St. Cloud Times. John picked Malcolm up in St. Cloud and they drove together all the way to Louisville, Kentucky, for the service.

Even though Ali has passed, Grady carries the lessons he's learned from the World Champion.

The right mindset

When Grady was 13 years old and making strides on the baseball field, Ali told Grady to always have the right mindset.

"Ever since I met him and playing baseball, I've always had a work ethic to never let anyone think they're better than me," Grady told BringMeTheNews. "If you fail or are bad at it, just keep trying your hardest."

Ali also reminded his relative about being the best.

"Don't ever have in your mind that somebody is better than you," Grady recounted an Ali life lesson.

Funeral service

A funeral service was held on Friday. A family spokesman told reporters that 15,000 people were expected to attend the service.

Ali's carriage will travel down Muhammad Ali Boulevard, passing the Muhammad Ali Center before being set to rest Cave Hill Cemetery.

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