Vegas Line: Vikings 5.5 point dog at four-win Detroit

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We here in flyover country rarely get respect. It's all about the east and west coast, it's all about the bright lights and big city, it's all about keeping us down.

Sports might be the ultimate example of this. Granted, Minnesota teams have done little to deserve recognition as of late, but LA and New York based teams have been just as bad in the past, and received just as much attention as when they're lighting the world up with 42-8 records and multiple championships.

Let the line for the Lions-Vikings regular season opener make the chip on our shoulder just a little bigger and serve as a microcosm of how little the powers that be think of our cute little purple team.

Five and a half points is a decent amount in the NFL (5th biggest spread of 16 games), ESPECIALLY considering the Vikings were a playoff team last year, and the roar-less Lions won a pathetic four times.

This is bulletin board stuff, how about AP rips off 225 and three scores to quiet the doubters? That would be a nice way to start.

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