Lions QB who ran out of end zone against Vikings raves about Kirk Cousins

Remember Dan Orlovsky? He's back.

In Minnesota, Dan Orlovsky is know for one thing and one thing only: running out of the back of the end zone at the Metrodome with Jared Allen on his tail. 

That highlight is 10 years old and it's still hilarious listening to the Fox Sports announcer say: "So much for calling him savvy, because he has no idea where he is on the field." 

Let's hope Orlovsky is a little more savvy in the film room, because on Thursday he posted an impassioned video raving about how Cousins is one of very few NFL quarterbacks who can make an accurate throw with a defensive lineman in his face. 

It's worth pointing out that Cousins was starring at Michigan State when Orlovsky played for the Lions, so maybe there's a connection there. 

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