Listen: Full interview with Adrian Peterson on returning to play Sunday

Listen to the full interview with Adrian Peterson announcing he'll play Sunday against the Colts.

As you likely know by know, Adrian Peterson announced that he'll play Sunday when the Vikings take on the Colts at U.S. Bank Stadium. Here's the full five-minute interview with Dash Radio's DJ Skee.

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"You know I'm going to go ahead and go this week," Peterson says. "I'm getting back out here this week and I'm looking forward to joining my team as we continue on this journey to make the playoffs."

"You know it really boils down to how I feel. It really came down to me, in my heart knowing, that I can go out there and be productive. The worst thing that could of happened is me waiting another week and seeing my team lost. That's not what I expect, but that would be the worst thing that could happen - me knowing that I can go out there and I can contribute on a high level - and not doing it.

"It's going down. I'm back in the mix."

You can listen to Peterson's first interview with Dash Radio this week right here.

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