Little League faces fines, costly clean up after junk illegally dumped at field


A Twin Cities little league is facing fines if it doesn't clean up someone else's junk that was illegally dumped at one of its fields.

Piles of concrete, pipes, old tires, televisions, couches, dirt and other debris has been piling up at Thurs Park in Brooklyn Center over the past several months, FOX 9 says.

And in the past two weeks the pile of junk has nearly doubled in size, which is leaving the Brooklyn Center Little League with fines and a costly clean-up bill.

"To see the disrespect of them dropping this here is beyond words," Bob Mikulak of the Brooklyn Center Little League told KARE 11. "I just don't know where people think that this would be okay."

Deb Stoddard, the league's president, says it will cost the league up to $18,000 to clean up the mess, Twelve TV reported.

“We basically have $500 right now,” Stoddard told WCCO.

That's why Stoddard is hoping whoever dumped their junk in the park will come back and pick it up, FOX 9 notes.

“I have people willing to donate — bringing a shovel down and just shoveling it into something, but we can’t even find anywhere that will take [the pile of garbage],” Stoddard told WCCO.

The league also faces a $1,000 fine from the Department of Natural Resources if it's not cleaned up by Monday, Twelve TV notes. The DNR considers the pile of garbage to be an environmental hazard.

The also face fines from the city, WCCO says.

The league has a fundraising page on its website. Click here for more information.

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