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In-Game Blog -- Vikings vs. Bears: How they scored, etc...


The View From Section 123

Inside the Metrodome, it's the view from Section 123 -- old baseball press box -- corner view from where the brainiest of experts will follow the Vikings against Chicago on a snowy Sunday.

As of 11:15 a.m.: Here's that spectacular corner view:

Outside, Vikings fans are doing their best to get liquored up as instructed by Chad Greenway:

And they are extremely comfortable, wearing their Zubaz best:

Which sets us up for today's game: Vikings vs. Bears. Tons at stake, especially for Minnesota starting quarterback Christian Ponder.

Right now, we'll put our PONDER-O-METER at 5 (on a scale of 1-10), and we'll adjust accordingly as the afternoon progresses. Why 5? It's based on a week of whining by Vikings fans who want the second-year starter run out of town. (Vikings fans that will be eager to cheer Mr. P if ANYTHING good happens.)

11:35 a.m: The very funny Jim Souhan checks in with this Tweet:

 11:46: Hearing that Bears kicker Robbie Gould may not be in the lineup, according to KFAN-FM 100.3.

11:51: St. John's legend John Gagliardi blows horn. Don't be surprised if Vikings fans ask him to coach and quarterback Purple if things go south early.

11:54: After Zeppelin plays, Vikings offense introduced this week. Some boos sprinkled in his intro, but crowd goes big for AP. PONDER-O-METER still at 5.

12:02: Game starts, with 6-6 Vikings winning toss and getting the ball first. Punter Adam Podlesh in for the injured Gould.

12:04: Adrian Peterson rips one off for 51-yard gain. Wow!

12:07: VIKINGS 7, BEARS 0 -- Adrian Peterson punches it in from the one-yard-line. Awesome.

12:08: On that drive, AP had five carries for 69 yards and a touchdown. Pete Bercich on KFAN 1oo.3 FM: "We are shoving Adrian Peterson right down their throats."

12:17: Josh Robinson interception at the Bears' 49. He steps out at the 5-yard-line -- 44-yard return. Vikings in business again.

12:21: VIKINGS 14, BEARS 0 -- Adrian punches it in again from the 2-yard-line.

12:24:PONDER-O-METER at 6. Why? He's handing the ball to Adrian Peterson, who has 74 yards and two touchdowns midway through the first quarter:

12:34:  Jerome Simpson catches a pass for a first down in the first quarter, 13-yards total. Shepherds report seeing huge star in north.

12:43: Without Gould, Bears forced to punt while on Vikings 40-yard-line. Gould out with left calf strain. Had Gould not been injured, Bears would have probably gone for a FG there.

12:45: Adrian Peterson finished first quarter with 104 yards, a team record.

12:52: Chris Kluwe channels Fred Cox, does a corner-kick punt, and the Bears take over on their own three.

12:59: Everson Griffen sacks Cutler, setting up a Bears 3rd and 24, which they can't convert. Vikes get ball back.

1:04: Jarius Wright -- Percy Harvin's replacement -- catches a pass from Ponder for a first down. Wright, as he tells, is ready for the Bears.

1:09: Ponder can't convert on 3rd and long. Scattered boos for the QB, but with a 14-0 lead, the PONDER-O-METER stays at 6.

1:17: Olympian Lindsay Whalen checks in:

1:20: VIKINGS 14, BEARS 7 -- Cutler to Alshon Jeffrey as Bears get on board.

1:22: Jerome Felton fumbles kickoff, Christian Ballad recovers. Vikes dodge huge bullet before the half.

1:27: Ponder goes deep, gets intercepted at the Bears 20. Loud chorus of boos as the PONDER-O-METER drops to 5.

1:29: On Twitter, just an example of the disappointment:

1:53: Ponder, facing a 3rd and 11 on the Vikes' first possession of the third quarter --- and --- incomplete to Michael Jenkins. No real hostile booing, but dome somewhat deflated after that electric first quarter from AP. A.J. Mansour from KFAN agrees:

2:04: Third and 17 for Ponder, and he gets a few yards back. Time to punt. Crowd getting surlier and surlier.

2:08: PONDER-O-METER down to 4:

2:10: VIKINGS 21, BEARS 7 -- Harrison Smith pick six. The rookie takes it back 56 yards for his second TD of the year.

2:15: Bears driving, but stall on big 3rd and 15 from Vikings' 39 yard line, as Cutler is almost sacked by Harrison Smith.

2:19: Bears pin down Vikes at the 1-yard-line after the punt.

2:25:  So far for AP: 27 carries -- a season high -- for 150 yards.

2:35: Kluwe pins Bears back to their 4-yard-line with huge punt. 8:40 to go.

2:42: Play of game. 3rd and 10 for Bears at Vikings 39. Cutler completes shovel pass for 7 yards. Bears forced to go for it on 4th down.

2:43: OK, this is the play of the game. Cutler hits Brandon Marshall for the first down.

2:45: OK, this is the play of the game. On 4th and 6 on the Vikings 23, incomplete. Minnesota takes over on downs. This one seems over. Vikes up 21-7 with 4:27 left:

3:07: VIKINGS 21, BEARS 14 -- Jason Campbell to Brandon Marshall from 15 yards out.

3:08: With no time outs left, and 1:48 on the clock, the Bears try an onside kick --but the Vikes recover. Victory formation.


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