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In-Game Blog -- Vikings vs. Packers: How they scored, etc.


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The view from parts unknown.

It's Vikings-Packers Sunday, Part One.

The Purple are at Lambeau Field, trying to figure out how to stay in the NFC playoff chase with a 6-5 record. While that's better than last year, not many in the football world think Minnesota can win today.

As for the game day injury reports: No surprises. For the Vikings, no Percy Harvin. For the Packers, no Clay Matthews.

In the next few hours or so, we'll track the Purple's progress, let you know what others are saying about the game, and offer other game day nonsense.

11:20 a.m.: This week, Leslie Frazier said it shouldn't take much to get his players motivated for this game. Same here, especially when it comes to finding material that Packers fans might find mildly offensive. We apologize in advance:

5 Hints You May Be A Packers Fan:

1) You have Packer flags on each side of your car.
2) Your Dad walks to school with you because you're both in the same grade.
3) Taking your wife on a cruise means circling the Dairy Queen.
4) You have refused to watch the Academy Awards since "Smokey and the Bandit" was snubbed for best picture.
5) The blue book value of your truck goes up and down depending on how much gas it has in it.

11:21 a.m.: In the continued effort for this site to be fair and balanced, here's a really dumb Vikings joke:

Q: Why do the Vikings have purple uniforms?

A: Because that’s what happens when you choke. You turn purple.

11:22 a.m.: Hey, nice game last week Packers!

11:25 a.m.: Blast from past. Thanks to KFAN's Joe Nelson for reminding us of this revealing moment in Vikings history. The "disgusted" announcer is Joe Buck, who is also calling today's game:

11:45: We love this Star-Tribune game preview from writer Mark Craig, who chatted with Kevin Williams about his 10 trips to Lambeau Field.

 12:01: Vikings win toss, defer, and Packers have the ball to start the game.

12:08: PACKERS 7, VIKINGS 0 -- Rodgers to James Jones on a 32-yard pass play, as the Pack strikes first.

12:11: Can Ponder respond? First series for Vikings crucial as Frazier said before the game Purple would try to establish run with Adrian Peterson and go from there.

12:15: Vikings go three and out. Tweet of the afternoon so far:

12:20: Rodgers has Packers driving again, moving the ball without effort. This feels like a long day, and it's only 12:20.

12:21: PACKERS 10, VIKINGS 0 -- GB makes it a 10-point lead on a 30-yard Mason Crosby FG.

12:40: PACKERS 10, VIKINGS 7 -- Ponder to Rudolph for a clutch 7-yard TD. Vikes on board.

12:40: Rudolph does a Lambeau Leap into a few purple fans. Nice.

1:04: VIKINGS 14, PACKERS 10 -- Adrian Peterson goes on a career-best 82-yard TD run. Awesome.

1:06: Peterson has 126 yards with 5:03 left in the half. He's a pretty good player.

1:08: Jared Allen gets huge, huge, huge interception at the Packers' 16. But questionable Everson Griffin roughing the passer penalty negates it.

1:18: After booming punt by Chris Kluwe, play-by-play man Paul Allen: "This is the most fired up I've seen the Minnesota Vikings in a month."

1:27: Crosby misses a 53-yard FG try. Vikes go into locker room with four-point halftime lead.

1:34: We're hoping this Tweet doesn't come true:

1:40: Star Tribune's Mark Craig:

1:41: Mason Crosby shanks kickoff. Vikes start at 40.

1:42: Adrian Peterson saunters for another huge run, 50 yards. Vikes in red zone, smelling Packers blood.

1:43: Ponder, throwing across his body, tosses interception in end zone. Buzz kill play, perhaps, of the year. Yeeeeeessssh.

1:46: Just one of several Tweets, angered at the previous play:

1:55: VIKINGS 14, PACKERS 13 -- Mason Crosby drills 47-yard field goal.

2:00: Vikings go three and out again. Midway through third quarter, Ponder has 36 yards passing with a TD and an INT. Momentum shifting in major fashion to green and gold.

2:03: Harrison Smith picks off Rodgers at the 6-yard-line to grab momentum back. It's Adrian Peterson time.

2:04: Third and one, and the Vikings give it to AP. No gain. Three and out. Momentum back to Packers.

2:09: PACKERS 20 , VIKINGS 14 -- James Starks 22-yard touchdown run. Packers back on top.

2:17: Adrian Peterson goes on a 23-yard run. 210 yards on the day.

2:20: Ponder intercepted to end the third quarter, as Vikings were driving. Second to Morgan Burnett on the day.

2:30: Huge third down at midfield for Pack with 7:36 to go. Rodgers converts again. We are declaring this one over.

2:35: Rodgers, on 3rd and 12, tosses a 33-yard pass to Randall Cobb. 5:43 left. Drive approaching 1o minutes!

2:39: PACKERS 23, VIKINGS 14 -- Crosby hits 31-yard field goal to give Packers 9-point lead.

2:43: As Vikings get the ball back, this is the story of the game:

2:50: Walsh misses FG. Two minutes left. Packers lead by nine. That was a winnable game.

3:00: FINAL: PACKERS 23, VIKINGS 14 -- Vikings drop to 6-6.

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