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Joe Webb fans, time to jump on the bandwagon again. Christian Ponder is out with an elbow injury against the Packers tonight, making way for the very-athletic backup QB.

Half-glass empty: The Vikings are the most-cursed franchise in NFL/sports history.

Half-glass full: We still have Adrian Peterson, and Webb can do stuff like this:

That's about it for the pre-game hype-fest. From here on out, we'll give updates as they happen from the Frozen Tundra as the Purple try to pull off a monumental upset over the 2012 NFC North champions.

Can they do it with a backup quarterback, though? Back to YouTube, and the Vikings-Rams Mud Bowl,circa 1977. Fran Tarkenton (broken leg) out, Bob Lee in:

6:26 p.m.: Perfect tweet from Pioneer Press scribe Tom Powers:


6:34: Back to Webb. According to, he's the first quarterback in NFL history to start a postseason game after not attempting a single pass all season.

6:36: From, Purple fans outside Lambeau. As photog Scott Bertsch put it: "(They) ... were in for a big surprise when they found out that Joe Webb would start for the Vikings":

6:41: From KARE/BMTN's Eric "PerkAtPlayPerkins":

And, on a more serious note:

6:45: Leslie Frazier tells NBC that he doesn't think Webb will be nervous, despite the circumstances.

7:01: Frazier tells KFAN-FM 100.3 that hitting and knocking down Aaron Rodgers will be key to Vikings' success. Sounds like interview -- with a cheery head coach -- was taped before Ponder-is-out-news. Kickoff next.

7:05: Weather report from Green Bay Packers site: "Lambeau Field weather: 29 degrees, wind out of SW at 9mph, 78 percent humidity, cloudy, chance of flurries late."

7:10: Kickoff. Nice return from Sherels, as Vikings get the ball first.

7:11: Webb scrambles for 17-yard run on 3rd and 3.

7:14: VIKINGS 3, PACKERS 0 -- Blair Walsh hits 33-yarder to give Purple early lead.

7:23: Packers go three and out on their first possession. Sherels brings it back to the 35, with 8:09 left in the first quarter.

7:27: Webb completes first pass of season to Kyle Rudolph. Then, almost gets picked off, but Purple defense knocked it down. Dumbest. Throw. Of. Season.

7:40: PACKERS 7, VIKINGS 3 -- DuJuan Harris in for a TD as Packers take the lead at the end of the first quarter.

7:51: Bad series for Webb. A sack (he tripped over Clay Matthews) and intentional grounding. This seems to be swirling out of control.

7:53: This one says it all, for now:

7:45: Jared Allen sack of Rodgers stops Packers drive, but Vikes can't do anything with ball and forced to punt again.

8:10: PACKERS 10, VIKINGS 3 -- Goal-line-stand forces Crosby field goal from 20 yards out.

8:15: Webb sacked at the Vikings' 10-yard-line. Packers gets the ball back at 2-minute warning with great field position -- and Green Bay has ball to start second half. Ugh.

8:21: PACKERS 17, VIKINGS 3 -- John Kuhn takes it in from 3-yards out for another Packers TD.

8:33: Stats of the game so far: 239 total yards for Green Bay in the first half, 97 for Minnesota. Of that, just six passing yards for Webb....and 197 for Rodgers.

8:42: As second half starts, this Tweet from Star Tribune's Jim Souhan:

8:53: Dumb penalty -- 12 men on field -- gives Packers first down at 9-yard line. Kuhn scores on next play.

8:55: PACKERS 24, VIKINGS 3 -- Rodgers to Kuhn, who rumbles into the end zone from 9-yards out.

9:06: On 4th and 3 for the Vikies, strip sack by Clay Matthews. Packers ball at midfield. Paul Allen's call: It's "52 shades of Clay!"

9:12: From bad to worse, Harrison Smith goes off the field with a knee injury.

9:17: Vikings at midfield, but Webb picked off by Sam Shields. As quarter ends, this one is over.

9:22: Sherels ends string of spectacular play with a punt return fumble at midfield. Packers in business again at the Vikings' 40.

9:27: Bring Me The News observation: A week after the greatest Vikings game ever, we are now witnessing perhaps the worst. (Next to that 41-0 NFC title game loss to the Giants.)

9:31: Ripping Webb now all too easy. Poor guy. From Joe Anderson:

9:44: After the Vikes turn the ball over on downs at the Packers 43, this one is officially over. Six minutes to go at Lambeau.

9:49: PACKERS 24, VIKINGS 10 -- Webb to Michael Jenkins on a 50-yard strike. Two touchdown game.

10:00: FINAL: PACKERS 24, VIKINGS 10 -- Good luck Green Bay!

10:01: We love this Tweet:

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