Spielman: Signing Loadholt 'top priority'


The breaking news from Winter Park is coming faster than an Adrian Peterson touchdown sprint.

The latest: Tackle Phil Loadholt avoided free agency and signed a multi-year contract, according to Vikings general manager Rick Spielman.

"As we headed into this, Phil Loadholt was our top priority," Spielman said at an afternoon news conference. He declined, however, to discuss the terms of the deal.

"What he does for that right side ... the goal was to keep that continuity for as long as we can," Spielman said.

Earlier in the day, the Vikings released star cornerback Antoine Winfield. Spielman called it a "business decision," but added "we definitely want to keep the door open on his possible return.

"By no means to we want to shut out Antoine."

Spielman also confirmed the Percy Harvin trade to Seattle has been completed. The Vikings traded Harvin to the Seahawks Monday for a package of draft choices.

"We felt it was too good to pass up," Spielman said. "We make decisions based on what's best for this organization. We weren't actively shopping Percy.

"We feel very excited at the direction this team is going."

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