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Loeffler: Kluwe laughed at Priefer's 'joke' – Priefer learned a 'hard lesson'


Minnesota Vikings longsnapper Cullen Loeffler was a key corroborating witness for the independent team of investigators the Vikings hired to review allegations former punter Chris Kluwe made against special teams coordinator Mike Priefer.

Loeffler reportedly confirmed to investigators that during the 2012 season Priefer said gays should be "nuked." Today however, Loeffler added some context to the situation with his latest remarks.

According to City Pages, this is what Priefer said: "We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows."

Priefer also addressed the situation when he arrived in Mankato. He said he learned a "hard lesson," according to KFAN's A.J. Mansour.

Watch Priefer's full press conference at Vikings.com.

Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman today spoke highly of Priefer while at the same time acknowledging Priefer made a mistake. The special teams coach will go through sensitivity training classes. Following the classes the team could choose to reduce his suspension from three games to two.

Andrew Krammer reports Spielman will consider all contingency plans, including the possibility of hiring an interim special teams coordinator, during Priefer's absence. Priefer is not allowed to talk to anyone from the Vikings during his suspension.

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