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Longwell says Vikings fired the wrong guy; Gruden, Yeo react


Nobody knows for sure, but it definitely looks like former Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell was aiming for a little payback on Monday when he seemingly targeted Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman on Twitter.

As the Star Tribune points out, Longwell might not be too happy because Spielman cut him shortly after drafting Blair Walsh in 2012. Walsh has been outstanding ever since.

Again, Longwell doesn't reveal who he thinks should have been fired, but connecting the dots seems pretty easy on this one.

Bob Sansevere of the Pioneer Press believes Spielman should also be fired, writing that "Spielman is at the root of many of the issues related to the Vikings' failure to win more than five games."

Meanwhile, former Buccaneers Super Bowl winning head coach Jon Gruden, who now works for ESPN, says he has no interest in the vacant job with the Vikings.

"I don't want to be considered for any of these jobs," Gruden told the Pioneer Press. "I don't want to be considered for anything. There are plenty of good candidates out there. I'm just sick for the guys who can no longer coach their teams. ... I'm hoping to do the best I can to hang on to my job."

Minnesota Wild head coach Mike Yeo told the Star Tribune how he felt about his counterpart across town getting axed.

“I feel bad for Leslie,” Yeo said. “I’m not a football guy, so I don’t know the ins and outs of that. But I do know he is a great human being. That’s part of it. Same as our team, same as everything else, I want our guys to look at me and say that’s how we’re going to deal with this. It’s adversity. That’s fine. But come to the rink the next day and you work a little harder.”

Yeo's Wild have lost a season-worst five games in a row.

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