Love-LeBron high-five gone wrong? Despite rumors, that didn't happen

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LeBron James and Kyrie Irving stole the show last night by combining for 82 points in Cleveland's Game 5 win over the Warriors, but nobody is overlooking the fact that Kevin Love finished the game with 2 points and 3 rebounds in 33 minutes.

It was so bad for Love that everyone on the internet has been sharing a video that appears to show Love excitedly approaching LeBron for a high-five, but instead getting yelled at by LeBron. But as Deadspin points out, that's not what happened.

"Love wasn’t looking for any affirmation from James, he was having a heated discussion about the previous play. In a longer clip, you can see that Love puts his hand in the air to demonstrate a basketball move:"

Click here for the longer clip.

Love had eight straight double doubles in the Cavaliers' first two rounds of the playoffs, both sweeps over the Pistons and Hawks. He missed Game 3 of the Finals with concussion-like symptoms before returning to the court (off the bench) in Game 4. Whatever the reason is for Love's unproductive Game 5, it's not the first time he's thrown up a dud this season.

  • May 21: 3 points, 4 rebounds against Toronto
  • Feb. 24: 8 points, 2 rebounds against Charlotte
  • Jan. 18: 3 points, 6 rebounds against Golden State

The reality here is that Love's non-high-five with Wes Johnson during their Timberwolf days is the most awkward high-five gone wrong in Love's career.

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