Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve wants Minnesota media to provide better coverage of women's sports

She engaged in a debate with reporters from The Athletic this past week.

Four-time WNBA champion head coach Cheryl Reeve of the Minnesota Lynx is letting her voice be heard on the topic of women's sports coverage in the media. 

"I shine the light on things," Reeve said during an in-studio visit with KFAN's Paul Allen on Monday, "if I see something I say something."

Say something she did on Twitter last week when she called out The Athleticfor what she perceived to be a lack of coverage of women's sports, to which The Athletic's Michael Russo said they have plans to do while asking her to be patient considering they just launched last October. 

It got a little more heated than that, but feelings aside, Reeve said Monday that she was pointing out a flaw that she thinks needs to be addressed on a national level. 

"There is money to be made," Reeve said regarding the coverage of women's sports. "Is it a windfall, does it equal that of the money to be made from the Vikings, Wolves, Wild, and Twins? I'm not saying that, I've never made that claim."

What bugs Reeve the most is the bias she believes exists. 

"I'm tired of people saying that people aren't interested in women's sports or that they aren't watching, because they are. I think when people that say that people aren't interested... no, you're saying you're not interested. That's the bias." 

Reeve is simply asking for proportionate coverage, not the same amount of coverage the bigger, mainstream sports receive. 

"I care about my craft. And I care about how women are treated in society," Reeve said. "I care deeply about those things. It's beyond coaching, it's beyond basketball."

Reeve: Stop telling women to wait

"Women hear that all the time. 'It's just time, just wait, you'll get your chance,'" she said when discussing the excuse she feels is routinely given to women. 

"Give us time, 'we'll pay you equal to the men.' After how many years of women in the workforce, we're still making .80 cents on the dollar to what a man makes. Sports are a microcosm of society. 

"This conditioning goes on - it's an endless cycle - over and over and over again," she said. "It also happens to young girls. We grow up, girls grow up thinking that we're less than, and that's a cycle that we need to put an end to. And I think as a leader – and I put media in the category of being leaders – I think we have a responsibility to report what's happened.

"Since 1972, in Title IX, participation in women's sports has increased dramatically. Coverage of women's sports has actually gone down, we've gone backwards."

That's why Reeve is challenging Minnesota media to do more for women's sports. 

"We want to lift the rest of the WNBA. I want to have the best media coverage, by far, of any market in the WNBA." 

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