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Lynx parade 24 hours after the buzzer? An explanation for quick turnaround

Less than 24 hours will separate the Lynx fourth championship and their parade festivities

The Lynx announced their parade will begin at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, a mere 21 hours after the final buzzer sounded in Wednesday night's WNBA Championship victory. 

In Minnesota, outside of the Lynx, local fans have not experienced a championship parade since those of the Twins in 1987 and 1991.

The Lynx were crowned atop the WNBA for the fourth time in the past seven seasons Wednesday night at Williams Arena.

However, fewer than 24 hours is quite the brief turnaround period for a parade to start after an emotional championship. 

I reached out to the senior manager of public relations Aaron Seehusen to see if there was any particular reason it was scheduled this way.

"Ideally we'd like to have another day." Seehusen admitted, "But these things take a lot of planning and coordinating, and this is what worked."

I asked if there was any specific reason why it could not have waited until Friday or the weekend, giving fans more time to plan ahead and attend. 

"We wanted to use Williams Arena as our venue for the parade." He explained, "After all, we made it our home this season and that's where they won their Championship. But the Gophers men's and women's teams will both have practices there in the coming days."

Seehusen continued with his explanation: "Also, a good amount of our players play overseas in the WNBA offseason. We've got some players heading to Europe and Russia in the coming days, so getting the parade scheduled sooner than later was important for them."

Find the details below:

As of this writing, Lynx fans now have about five hours to make plans to attend the parade.

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