Man drank his own urine to survive 135-mile race up north

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The Arrowhead 135 is a 135-mile race that starts in International Falls and ends in Tower, Minnesota. It's a true test of endurance against the elements – and the elements have been extreme during this year's race, which began Monday.

According to the annual event's website, the race is "good clean hard fun." Participants can run, bike or ski.

Thirty people have finished as of Wednesday afternoon. But the man who finished second had to take extreme measures to survive.

The outside temperature was a whopping minus 24 degrees at the start of the race, and it was even colder when Tom Puzak ran out of water just eight miles from the finish line.

“It was 127 miles of awesome, then 8 miles of nausea, and survival,” Puzak told

According to the, Puzak did what he had to do to survive. 

He put some snow in a water bottle, unzipped and urinated inside. The slosh melted and made some liquid, then Puzak drank it. “It saved me,” he said.

He was re-energized enough to finish the race in a little over 21 hours – just in time to hold off his developing hypothermia, although he suffered severe frostbite.

The temperature was even colder when he finished, minus 28 degrees. That's a far cry from the average temperature of 16 degrees, according to the Star Tribune.

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