Map reveals this year's most popular NFL jerseys by state

There's a new superstar at the Minnesota Vikings, and America is going crazy for Carson Wentz.

Move over Adrian Peterson, there's a new superstar for the Minnesota Vikings if NFL jersey sales are anything to go by.

Dick's Sporting Goods revealed that 2016 is the year of Stefon Diggs, with the wide receiver's jersey the most popular one sold at its stores in Minnesota.

Diggs has caught for 372 yards and a touchdown during the Vikings' 5-0 start to the season.

But fear not AP, you're still number one in South Dakota.

The map reveals more than anything how crazy North Dakota has gone for NDSU Bison alumni Carson Wentz, who is now the starting Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Despite Philadelphia being the small matter of 1,400 miles away from his alma mater in Fargo, and even further from his native Bismarck, the Eagles are now the adopted team of Minnesota's neighbors to the west.

What's more, the Wentz jersey is the most popular jersey sold across the entire nation in Dick's stores, with the retailer's rankings putting Wentz ahead of Tom Brady and Odell Beckham Jr.

Elsewhere, Aaron Rodgers is unsurprisingly the top choice among Wisconsinites, and spare a thought for the Bears fans of Illinois and Iowa, who feel obliged to opt for a Jay Cutler jersey.

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