NFL players want to see Adrian Peterson in a Super Bowl

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Adrian Peterson may never find himself putting on pads to play in a Super Bowl, but if his colleagues could put him in the game, they would.

ESPN asked more than 320 players in the NFL who they would like to see in a Super Bowl, and the name most players answered with was Peterson. Peterson tallied 18 percent of the votes, or 59 overall. It was part of ESPN's NFL Nation Confidential.

“It feels good,” Peterson told the Star Tribune. “I guess guys are able to see the passion that I play with, the desire I play with, and they respect it enough to make that type of statement. It says a lot, and it means a lot.”

Peterson and the Vikings came close to playing in the 2010 Super Bowl, but Brett Favre threw bad interception and Garrett Hartley's game-winning field goal boosted the Saints over the Vikings and into the big game. The Saints went on to beat the Colts that season.

"I don't think I watched [the Super Bowl that year]," Peterson told ESPN. "We gave that one away. We gave a championship away. The NFC Championship Game was pretty much the Super Bowl that year.

"Not to take anything away from the Colts -- that was a good team -- but just how it balanced out, neither one of us was a good matchup they wanted to see in the Super Bowl. That was a tough one."


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