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Marlins Park: What is that thing in the outfield?


The Twins haven't played in Miami for a few years, so for many baseball fans last night was the first time they got a lengthy view of the Marlins' new stadium (which opened last year).

It was also the first time we got an long look at Miami's "home run feature" in left-center field. If you missed it, it's a huge sculpture that features bright lights and spinning fish when a Marlin knocks one out.

We are on record to say that it's kind of charming, in a Nye's Polonaise Room sort of way. When the stadium opened last spring, though, the Florida natives weren't as kind.

The Bleacher Report, for example, said it "would probably look better on top of Carmen Miranda's head."

The MiamiNewTimes blog pointed out earlier this year that the $2.5 million structure cost more than the Marlins payroll this year.

While we might admire the spinning fish, let's be honest. It has nothing on Bernie Brewer's home run slide at Miller Park:

But for total home run celebration class, is there anything better than two fat guys shaking hands?

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