Martellus Bennett slams Packers in F-bomb filled rant

Bennett took to his Instagram page to voice his frustration after being cut.
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Well it looks like Martellus Bennet and the Green Bay Packers didn't exactly have a happy relationship.

Green Bay parted ways with Bennet for a failure to disclose a medical condition, according to ESPN. It turned out Bennett was playing with a torn rotator cuff and torn labrum, according to NFL Network.

And Bennett posted on his Instagram story on Friday, saying the team was well aware of his injury.

"The Packers examined my shoulder on my visit March 10 and cleared it. They even game (gave) me an x-ray as well. It got worse during the season, specifically against the Cowboys so I asked to have it check and we checked it. After a few days of contemplating to play with it or get surgery, I chose surgery. Now here we are. They tried to f--- me over. Dr. McKenzie trying to cover his own a--. After trying to persuade me to play thru a major injury and me choosing to get surgery. They have access to all my medical record. My shoulder wasn't where it is now at the beginning of the season. I f----d it up playing for the Packers.

The tight end went on to say the team doctor was pushing him to play through it, so Bennett went and got other opinions. 

So I got 3 other opinions from doctors who all said I need to get it fixed. So I decided to do that. And they decided to waive me with some b------t excuse.

He finished the rant by saying, "Now I'm like f--k it. I chose my health over the team. They chose money over me."

Bennett ended up signing with the Patriots this week and has already cleared his physical and practiced with the team on Friday.

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