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Mauer 20th on Sports Illustrated's 'highest-earning' list


Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer is slipping.

But in this category, no one can feel too sorry for him.

Sports Illustrated is out with its annual list of the 50 highest-paid U.S. athletes.

No. 7 comes in at No. 20 on the list, as Mauer is set to make $25 million in salary and endorsements in 2013. Last year, he was ranked 12th by SI.

Others with (very loose) Minnesota ties on the list:

No. 5: Tiger Woods, $40.8 million (future Ms. Lindsey Vonn).
No. 10: Zach Grienke, $29 million (ex-Royal, should be in Twins rotation).
No. 13: Johan Santana, $26 million (ex-Twin, looking at retirement due to injuries).

Who's number one?

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. outearns everyone this year, making an estimated $90 million -- without endorsements.

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