Mauer finally 'symptom-free' from concussion


The concussion that forced Twins catcher Joe Mauer to miss the final 39 games of the season has finally eased up on Mauer.

The All-Star and former Most Valuable Player suffered a concussion after taking a foul-tip to his catchers mask Aug. 19 against the New York Mets.

Twins general manager Terry Ryan said Tuesday that Mauer is feeling much better.

"I would say 'symptom-free' is about the right description," Ryan told Pioneer Press. "He hasn't done the baseball activities. He hasn't done some of the things necessary for him (to play), where once he ramps up and the energy level rises and that sort of thing, but we still have time."

Ryan said Mauer made a lot of progress during the final series of the season and he was almost completely symptom-free a few days after the season ended Sept. 29.

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