Mauer leaves road trip as wife goes into labor


Joe Mauer left the Twins' road trip in Los Angeles Tuesday to be with his wife, who is going into labor.

The Pioneer Press reports that Mauer was scratched just before Tuesday night's game against the Angels when he received word that his wife's water had broken.

The couple is expecting twins, the gender of which they chose not to have unveiled to them. As for names ...

To take Mauer's spot on the roster, the Twins recalled catcher Drew Butera from Class AAA Rochester.

Mauer and his wife, Maddie, probably won't get as much attention for their newborns as the royal couple's new baby is getting across the pond, but this definitely ranks high among St. Paul royalty.

"We're working on that," Mauer said. "That's a work in progress. We have to come up with four of them just in case."

Post your baby name suggestions -- girl and boy -- for Mauer's babies below.

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