Mauer stresses that blurred vision issues are better: 'I feel great now'

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Joe Mauer wants everyone to know that he's feeling great and he doesn't want anyone thinking that occasional blurred vision the last two years is to blame for his decrease in production at the plate.

Mauer, who arrived at Twins Spring Training in Fort Myers, Florida, on Tuesday, was clearing the air from a recent report that said occasional blurred vision made it difficult for him to hit – especially during day games.

"I said what I said," Mauer told reporters Tuesday, via the Twins' website. "I think there are times where people take things and run with it. I'm not going to lie, there were times it was difficult, but I feel great now, and I think that message got lost. And I don't want that message to get lost because I've come a long way and worked too hard to focus on that."

Mauer isn't denying the occasional blurred vision, but he says where he is now versus where he was – even last season – is like "night and day," according to the Star Tribune.

Mauer still plans to try using sunglasses at the plate during day games.

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