McKinnie explains his party life: 'That's Big Mac in the offseason'


Okay, we'll admit it. When former Viking offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie was traded from Baltimore to Miami Monday, we at the BringMeTheNews sports desk chuckled over how long it would be before the notorious NFL Party Czar set foot in South Beach.

Apparently, sports fans, we weren't alone. NBC's Pro Football Talk has raised the question, expressing "a concern about his penchant for the South Beach nightlife in his hometown." (As the photo accompanying this post can attest, McKinnie has no qualms about posing with the ladies of South Beach.)

In fact, some people are wondering if it's a good idea at all.

The Miami Herald delved into the question, figuring that McKinnie has a split personality, kind of a like a mullet, one that's all business on the field during the season, and all party in back during the offseason.

The Love Boat? That thing with a stripper named Sweet Pea clocking one of his party buddies over the head with a metal champagne bottle earlier this season? (McKinnie is reportedly a friend of Sweet Pea and her other friends.) Several photos of him in dubious party situations? Easily explained, says the mammoth former Miami Hurricane.

“That’s when I’m off,” McKinnie tells the Herald. “See, that’s Big Mac in the offseason. Bryant McKinnie is the person who comes to work and handles his business. That is what you’ll get right now.”

Let us be the first to say that here at BringMeTheNews, there have been serious conversations about hiring McKinnie as an event planner, just so our parties would be, you know, more kickin'.

But apparently we'll have to wait until the offseason.

Okay, about that on-field stuff. McKinnie has battled weight issues before, most infamously to the chagrin of Vikings coach Leslie Frazier when he showed up for training camp unfit to practice.

Still, the Herald has this to say:

"If focused and healthy, McKinnie has proved he would be an upgrade. He helped shore up the Ravens’ offensive line late last season, keeping Joe Flacco upright during the team’s Super Bowl run.

'However, he has struggled with weight throughout his career — saying Tuesday he needs to drop about 10 pounds — and had his knee drained multiple times this fall."

So, hey, Bryant McKinnie, we're rooting for you. And when the offseason comes, tell Big Mac to give us a holla.

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