McNabb: Brett Favre 'felt bad' for me in Minnesota

Donovan McNabb, now an analyst for the NFL Network, says Brett Favre expressed his sympathy for McNabb when the ex-Eagles/Redskins quarterback signed with Minnesota prior to the 2011 season.
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Hartman: Winning ways escape McNabb

Donovan McNabb's winning ways just aren't the same. He led the Philadelphia Eagles to four straight NFC Championship games from 2001-04, including an appearance in the 2004 Super Bowl. Ever since he left the Eagles McNabb has a combined record of 5-12.

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The last time Donovan McNabb faced the Lions he was benched in favor of Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman. McNabb says he's moved past that day and is focusing on the future. The entire team is doing the same after starting the season 0-2.