Meet Felton Buxton III, the one guy faster than Byron Buxton

We talked to Byron and Felton Buxton and featured them on our sports podcast.

Felton Buxton III is seven years older and a few steps faster than his younger brother, Twins centerfielder Byron Buxton. 

Yes, he's faster than the fastest player in baseball. That's insane. 

It sounds unbelievable, but it's true. We had the Buxton brothers on the latest GoMN: One Hunnit Podcast to tell stories, and they're pretty awesome, even though neither one of them likes to brag. 

You'll learn a lot more about Felton Buxton III if you listen to the feature, but here's the skinny on him. 

  • He's in the Navy (engineer/recruiter), currently stationed in Virginia Beach. 
  • He works out 4-6 times a week. 
  • He was really good at football and track in high school. 
  • He talks and texts with Byron on the regular. 
  • When Byron and him get together they race each other. 
  • He says Byron could've gone to the NFL had he picked that sport. 

It's good stuff, and great to finally learn more about the mystery man faster than Buxton. 

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