Megatron provides Vikings with ultimate test

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It may sound crazy, but Vikings defensive back Chris Cook seems excited to cover Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

"I look forward to playing him all the time, he brings out the best in me," Cook told 1500 ESPN. "When we're playing against each other, there's no trash talk or anything like that."

Johnson, also known as Megatron, broke the NFL record for receiving yards in a single season when he finished with 1,964 yards last season.

"He's a great player," Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said of Johnson. "He's one of those guys where when you game plan, much like with Adrian, you have to have a plan for Calvin Johnson. He's a tremendous player. Even though you may know that he's going to be getting the football, you can't always stop what he does."

KFAN's A.j. Mansour spoke with Johnson on Wednesday, and Megatron gave Cook some respect, too.

"Chris is one of them big corners. He can run, he can ball a little bit. It's always a challenge going against somebody that's your size out there."

The last time the Vikings played Detroit, Johnson caught 12 passes for 207 yards and a touchdown. Cook was out with an injury.

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