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Men's basketball wins third consecutive gold medal


USA 96

Serbia 66

The men's basketball team pummeled Serbia by 30 points on the final day of the Rio Games to bring home a gold medal for the third straight Olympics in a row.

The game was in the hands of Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant, said the New York Times, who finished with 30 points.

All within in one minute during the second quarter, recalled TIME magazine, Durant scored two three-pointers, then stole the ball and put away a dunk on a fast break.

It was also a big game for Carmello Anthony of the New York Knicks – who is now the first man to have won three gold medals in the Olympics for basketball.

Anthony has never won an NBA ring, but says he wouldn't trade his gold medals for anything.

“I wouldn’t trade, hopefully my three gold medals, in for nothing,” Anthony told The Vertical in an interview. “I hope I’m never put in that position. That’s a tough position. But I always say, ‘Winning is winning is winning.’ No matter what level you win on. Hopefully, I do get an NBA ring, but that’s two things. … I wouldn’t try to compare or force myself to make that comparison.”

He also holds the title as the leading scorer in U.S. Olympic men’s basketball history, says Yahoo Sports.

Anthony gets emotional about his experiences in this post-game interview. It's worth a watch.

He received responses to his interview on Twitter for saying "America will be great again" at one point – causing people to wonder if he supports presidential candidate Donald Trump whose slogan is "Make America great again."

Anthony has shown support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Fox Sports also noted that their coach Mike Krzyzewski is now the first coach to win three Olympic gold medals. It was his final game with the national team.

The men's win over Serbia puts the USA at a total of 46 gold medals, outnumbering every other country by far.

The events began to wind down on Sunday in Rio. Closing ceremonies scheduled for 6 p.m. central time.

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