Michael Irvin: Adrian Peterson deserves a second chance

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Adrian Peterson will likely play in the NFL again; when and where are entirely different questions.

On Friday, the NFL Players Association's lawsuit against the NFL on behalf of Peterson – an attempt to get Peterson reinstated from a suspension as quickly as possible – will begin with a hearing in a Minneapolis federal court. Union executive DeMaurice Smith told the Pioneer Press that he's not sure how quickly a ruling will come from U.S. District Judge David Doty.

In the meantime, Peterson, in lieu of his misdemeanor aggravated assault charge against his child, is serving a suspension issued by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell; and he's not up for reinstatement until at least April 15.

What Peterson is up for right now, at least in the eyes of Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin, is a second chance.

"I'm a guy that believes in second chances," Irvin told Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. "I certainly believe he should have a chance to resume his world and his life. I want to see Adrian Peterson right now get things situated and get his life back on track."

Irvin added that he feels for Peterson because he'll have to "spend the rest of his life with people considering him a child abuser" – but he also noted that Peterson's son will have to live through the "tough situation."

Last Friday, Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings voiced strong support for Peterson to return to the Vikings next season, telling ESPN that it would be a "huge loss" if Peterson doesn't get another chance in Minnesota.

Former Holy Angels Academy standout and current Arizona Cardinals star receiver Larry Fitzgerald also recently voiced his support for Peterson. Fitzgerald said Peterson has endured enough punishment and he should be reinstated immediately.

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