Michelle Obama inspires Vikings player to walk 30 miles a day


Jabari Price is an unknown player on the Vikings compared to the biggest stars on the team, but his name is a lot bigger now that he's taking an unusual path to help fight childhood obesity.

He's literally walking the walk.

On Saturday, the former seventh-round draft pick and his brother, Dahrnaz Tigner, will begin a 1,056-mile walk from Pompano Beach, Florida, to the nation's capitol in Washington, D.C. They're calling it "The Walk of Hearts" and their goal is to inspire kids to eat healthy, play safe and exercise regularly.

Price told ESPN that he was inspired by Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" initiative and by the birth of his first child six months ago.

They'll walk 30 miles a day for about 35 days. Price, per ESPN, is actually going to stop walking after two weeks so he can focus on Vikings' training camp, which begins July 28 in Mankato. Tigner will finish the walk with a goal of getting the First Lady to walk the final mile with him. Price will be at training camp and won't be able to finish the walk.

"Our goal is to give kids a sense of empowerment and control in their weight loss journeys," the brothers say on their website. "We want them to know that through their own abilities and commitments they can make these healthy lifestyle changes for themselves. We will give them the necessary tools needed to build a happy, and healthy future."


Price and Tigner will be blogging during their journey. You can follow them here.

For anyone concerned about the current shape of the brothers. Price is in the NFL so we know he's good, but his brother is in great shape, too. He played football at Kansas State.


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