Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey knows how to win over Minnesotans – rip on Eagles fans

The Minneapolis mayor knows how to play to his audience.

If there's one thing that will unite Minnesotans no matter what their political persuasion, is that the Eagles suck.

Still smarting from that NFC Championship defeat and the horrendous treatment from Eagles fans in Philadelphia, Super Bowl visitors might notice a simmering undertone of resentment upon arriving in Twin Cities.

That has been brilliantly evoked in a new commercial from Sports Illustrated featuring Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey, who "welcomes" Patriots and Eagles fans to his city.

“For the Eagles fans, don’t worry, we’re going to be greasing all the lamp posts, so you will feel right at home," says partway through the 54 second ad.

But he saves the best for last, with an "accidental" outtake at the end of the welcome video showing Frey speaking to someone off camera, saying: "Are we really welcoming the [expletive] Eagles fans?"

Check it out.

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