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Minnesota adventurer plans 4th attempt at climbing Mount McKinley


After falling short in his third attempt in January, Grand Marais adventurer Lonnie Dupre is taking another shot at a solo climb to the highest point of Alaska's Mount McKinley, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

Dupre said he'll start his climb in Denali on Dec. 20, which is earlier than his previous three attempts. The climber was forced to abandon his last attempt to summit North America's highest point after 19 days due to dangerous weather conditions and dwindling supplies.

Dupre, 52, tells the News Tribune his previous experience and the earlier start time should work to his advantage in his next attempt to scale the 20,320-foot mountain.

"The more times I go up, it becomes safer because I know the route more intimately each time. And we’re getting to know the weather a little bit better each time," Dupre told the paper.

The Minnesota climber reached 17,200 feet in January, the same level he reached in his first attempt at scaling McKinley in 2011. He tried again in 2012, but was forced to quit at 14,200 feet due to hurricane-force winds.

Dupre's website One World Endeavors says the adventurer plans on reaching the summit before the end of January, and will post blog entries, photographs and audio posts to his website and social media on a daily basis.

He will also use the expedition "to draw attention to climate change, particular the impact on our planet of coal, the most polluting fossil fuel and largest single source of pollution in the world."

The site says only 16 people in nine expeditions (four solo, five team) have ever reached the summit of Mount McKinley in winter, and of those 16 climbers, six died.

Only team of two Russians reached McKinley’s summit in January 1998. Approximately 120 climbers have died on Mount McKinley since 1932.

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