Minnesota drag racer recovers from wild crash in Brainerd

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To see video from the crash, it's almost hard to imagine that someone could have survived this wreck. But Don Kritzky of Cottage Grove did just that.

Kritzky, 57, and Monte Green of Haxtun, Colorado, were involved in separate crashes during the same run at the Top Dragster race in Brainerd Sunday, according to the NHRA.

"Green's car went out of control and crashed near the finish line. Green was treated and released at the scene. Kritzky's dragster also went out of control and crashed near the finish line. Kritzky was alert and conscious following the incident and was airlifted to North Memorial Medical Center in Minneapolis for further evaluation."

Green's dragster lost control shortly after the start of the race and while it crosses into the lane of Kritzky's, the cars did not make contact.

But while Kritzky was able to avoid Green's car, he also eventually lost control and slammed into the wall, before his racer flipped and burst into flames.

"Pretty much the whole right side of me is busted up," Kritzky told FOX 9.

His injuries including a shattered pelvis, a broken hip and a broken lower right leg are likely to keep him on bed rest for the next couple of months.

Just as bad as the physical pain, Kritzky also had to deal with knowing his beloved car is in pieces.

A fund has been set up on GoFundMe to help cover the cost of the medical bills and rehabilitation, since Kritzky will not be able to work while he is recovering.

"That's the kind of family that racing is all about," Kritzky told FOX 9. "Everybody is there when you are down and out – and you need something fixed. You got it coming from every direction. It never stops."

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