Minnesota GOP looks to regroup after election losses

Minnesota Republicans are preparing for their new role as the minority party at the state Capitol. As they position themselves for the 2014 elections, GOP leaders are considering how aggressive the party should be in trying to block DFL initiatives. Meanwhile, calls for revisiting the candidate selection process are growing after U.S. Senate candidate Kurt Bills was buried in Amy Klobuchar's re-election landslide.

Minnesota's Republican party is considering how best to reposition itself in the Legislature as it aims for a 2014 bounce back from this year's election losses. When a DFL majority is sworn in in January, it will mark the first time since 1990 that the same party has controlled both legislative houses and the governor's office. The Associated Press reports GOP leaders are debating how obstructionist they should be at the Capitol, as they settle in to their role as the minority party.

Republicans are also looking at what can be learned from a U.S. Senate race that saw their candidate, Kurt Bills, on the wrong end of a landslide. Politico noticed a Star Tribune opinion piece by a former executive director of the state party, Ben Golnik. He called for changes in the candidate endorsement process that selected Bills.

Bills got little financial help from a state party organization that's grappling with money problems of its own.

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Minn. GOP endorses Kurt Bills to challenge Klobuchar

State Rep. Kurt Bills is the Minnesota Republican Party's pick to face U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar in the November election. The first-term Republican nabbed the endorsement to challenge the Democratic incumbent after two ballots at the Minnesota GOP Convention Friday in St. Cloud.

Cash strapped Minnesota GOP missed rent payments

The state Republican Party's financial situation is so bad the party skipped a couple of rent payments on its St. Paul headquarters. As the party struggles to pay off a debt of one million dollars, the national GOP is worried about the state party's ability to help Republican candidates this fall.

Three candidates jockey to take over Minnesota GOP

Republican activists are set to pick a new chairman Saturday to replace Tony Sutton, who resigned earlier this month as the party's debt problems came to light. The three candidates pitched their plans for restoring the party's financial stability and public credibility at a forum on Thursday night.

Campaign finance board investigating Minnesota GOP finances

State officials have opened an investigation following allegations that the Republican Party may have violated campaign finance rules. The Minnesota GOP is $2 million in debt. That includes $415,000 of debt that party officials reportedly failed to disclose. The Pioneer Press says the GOP could face federal penalties, as well.