Minnesota sports teams ranked by Twitter, Facebook fans


When it comes to popularity on social media, the Vikings are the most popular Minnesota sports team on Twitter, but you might be surprised to see how close the Timberwolves come to them on Facebook.

We ranked the Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Twins, Gophers, Lynx, United FC and Saints to see how many people follow or like their pages on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter Followers

  1. Vikings: 626,000
  2. Wolves: 459,000
  3. Wild: 446,000
  4. Twins: 385,000
  5. Gophers: 89,500
  6. Lynx: 37,800
  7. United: 29,900
  8. Saints: 15,200

Facebook Likes

  1. Vikings: 1,993,000
  2. Wolves: 1,751,000
  3. Twins: 1,181,000
  4. Wild: 621,900
  5. Gophers: 349,600
  6. Lynx: 126,000
  7. United: 71,200
  8. Saints: 41,100

H/T to the Tampa Tribune for ranking the top 10 sports teams by Twitter followers.

It's a pretty good bet that the NBA can thank it's global reach for it's massive audience on social media. The top three sports teams in America ranked by number of Twitter followers are all NBA teams (Lakers, Heat, Bulls).

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