Will MN be one of the few states to have pitch counts for high school hurlers?

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It's no secret. Today, the best athletes are starting younger. Getting stronger faster. And often getting injured earlier. That is one of the biggest reasons that the Minnesota State High School League is trying to be proactive.

Pitch counts are closer to reality for state high school baseball teams.

With the current school year coming to a close and with it the state baseball playoffs, the MSHSL wants to change its rules in time for the coming school year and the 2017 season.

Few states actually have stepped up to protect young pitchers and their arms.

You can count the number of states on one glove: Colorado, Vermont and Alabama use pitch counts, but USA Today notes that there are a lot of baseball watchers wondering why more haven't joined the parade.

The new proposal for Minnesota was laid out in a Star Tribune exclusive. The MSHSL will recommend pitch counts, days of rest for seniors and juniors and a close eye on sophomore pitchers:

  • 105 pitches = three days of rest.
  • 75 pitches = two days of rest.
  • 30 pitches = allowed to pitch back-to-back days but have rest the third day.

Those who are sophomores and younger could throw 85 pitches, followed by three days of rest.

The next step will be a proposal review by members of the coaches association at their October fall meeting.

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