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Minnesota Vikings? Filmmaker raises questions in indie film


A documentary filmmaker from northern Minnesota will be showcasing his film throughout the country. It's about how Vikings once ruled the land of lakes.

Or did they?

The film is called "Lost Conquest" and it's directed by Moorhead native Mike Scholtz.

Scholtz says he's been making documentaries since 1997 and likes to cover serious issues with a lighthearted comedic approach, according to the website.

His latest film takes a look at Viking culture in Minnesota and examines whether or not the warriors ever ruled the northern Midwest in 1000 A.D.

According to the movie's description, archaeologists say Vikings never did and Minnesotans have "fallen victim to the greatest practical joke of all time."

The filmmaker told The Forum that may hit a soft spot for some some Scandinavians. According to the news source, the documentary scrutinizes the Kensington Runestone and the Vikings sword found near Ulen, Minnesota.

The History Channel says experts mostly agree that those findings were a hoax.

And Scholtz told the paper he doesn't believe the Vikings ever were in Minnesota (so much for the Minnesota Vikings.)

"Lost Conquest" will be showcased in Independent film festivals across the U.S. The next showing will be at the Fargo Film Festival Tuesday evening. It wraps up the first day of movies and will be shown at 7 p.m.

That film fest continues through Saturday.

The Vikings-based movie will also be shown at festivals in Boston, Seattle, Phoenix and more. Then in November, "Lost Conquest" makes its way back to Minnesota to be featured in the St. Cloud film fest.


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